Structured Day

Organization-skills-can-help-you-juggle-2-jobs-NRIAJ07-x-largeHow do you structure your day as an Instructional Designer? What are your organizational approaches to starting and ending the day? Do you get the most important emails answered or do you take on the smallest tasks first? Does every day look the same or are you constantly having to juggle different responsibilities as you move through your week?

I feel like I am still new to the game even though I’ve been learning and working for five months. To be honest this is the first time I am working in an office and in charge of my own projects. It is the first time I have had creative control of the material that I develop.

It’s difficult to have so much free range and then attempt to make every day as structured as possible. The difficulty is such a gift. I’m glad to have this challenge because I am excited to have this flexibility in my career, day in and day out!! When something is difficult, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad – it’s just something new and challenging that pushes growth!

My senior instructional designer sent us all this email from Getting Things Done‘s Newsletter. There’s a ton of great motivational aspects to the newsletter, but I feel as though there is a bigger message. The message is that nothing will ever get done unless YOU make them happen. We are the sole contributor to our day-in-day-out functions and we create those conclusions at the end of the day.

So to me, to get myself organized and structured is my own doing. I am reponsbile for myself and my actions. It’s time to get started!


2 thoughts on “Structured Day

  1. For me, I use a Kanban table, and a Bullet Journal, which keep me on track. It’s very hard sometimes, to work on your own schedule, so I use both tools every day, while also building some self-directed work habits along the way.

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    • I always try so hard to start journals and schedules, but I can’t seem to stick to them! Back in my undergrad I was diligent about that–maybe it’s the motion of my job tasks. We’ll see …once things start picking up I’m sure I’ll need an organizer. Thanks for those tools; I’ve never heard of them!!


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